Who would have thought a bear could drive a boat? I mean, when it comes down to it, how the hell does a bear produce music, too? I’m not exactly sure, but the acid-eating Bear Grillz can do both, plus more. He may just be tripping his brains out though, but either way he’s having the time of his life alongside Firepower Records head Datsik. Their recent collaboration on “Drop That Low” was a part of the animal’s EP, Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 1; now, it has a music video.

When I said Bear Grillz was having the time of his life, I didn’t necessarily mean that Datsik was too. After being passively forced to do most of the work “again” on a tune, Troy has had enough. Good thing BG tuned out already, because the places we go with him on his journey through the wild, of both land and sea, are nothing but fun; much better than being lectured to by Datsik. It’s truly a trip and it even has a Crywolf cameo.

In mentioning Crywolf, I must also mention that he and Skrux will share time with Bear Grillz and MitiS on tour until late this December. We currently have four tickets to giveaway to shows on the Oasis Tour, so be sure to enter. After you check out the rollicking music video, of course.