It’s been a while since we’ve had our last good ol’ deadmau5 twitter beef. Well wait no more as Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 took to his medium of choice to attack Trey Songz for supposedly stealing his melody. The song in question is Trey Songz’s recent collaboration with Nicky Minaj titled “Touchin, Lovin” and the melody in question is from deadmau5’s very own 5 year old remix of Calvin Harris’ I’m Not Alone. This isn’t the first time deadmau5 has been the subject of music theft, as most of you will recall the famous Wildstylez incident. But personally, the only similarity between these two cases is that both defendants have a tacky use of the letter “z” in their names. You can listen to both tracks below:
Trey Songz’s track

Deadmau5’s remix:

After a few tweets Calvin Harris decided to join in and attempt to appease deadmau5 with a few composed and well placed tweets. You can read the full interplay below: