What a time to be alive! Just when you think collaborations could not be more surprising, electronic dance music has reached for artists from all across the music scene and brought them together. From pop collaborations such as those between Ariana Grande and Zedd to the more obscure and recent work between artists like Benny Benassi and Serj Tankian, the music industry continues to expand in sound as singers, instrumentalists, and producers share their ideas and styles in music.

Roughly two months ago, we had posted a story of Ed Sheeran, Sonny Moore, Diplo, and Usher photographed in a studio together. Now, news surfaces that Mr. Sheeran has been in cahoots with both Skrillex and Martin Garrix on separate tracks. In a recent interview, he went into detail about the progress of both tracks and their creative directions. He states, “The Skrillex is more new jack swing, but the Martin Garrix is my first step into the EDM world. It’s not hardcore EDM; it’s chilled-out, mellow.” Hopefully, the mystery behind these tracks will be lifted soon as they are each close to completion. Until then, stay tuned and let us know what your thoughts are on the news of Ed Sheeran shifting gears into EDM. 

Source: USA Today