Party on the Thames? Why Not?

House/techno promoters Minival have started a GoFundMe account to help raise enough money to purchase an abandoned Victorian fort off the Isle of Grain in the Thames Estuary. Their plan is to purchase the £500,000 fort and convert it into a new, unique venue where the party will never stop.

“This is basically a Berghain or Trouw in the middle of the sea.”

Their total goal is to reach  £750k, enough money to both purchase the fort and then transform it into a safe and established haven for dance enthusiasts.

“Imagine a place you could go to, to get away from it all. With the worlds best DJ’s and music running continuously. A place where you are allowed the true freedom to express yourself among friends.”

Their fundraiser is all or nothing; if they don’t raise the full amount to make their dreams come true, the money will be refunded back to their donors.