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There are some things in life that can trigger emotions to the point that you can’t hold them back. Joy, surprise, courage, pride and good will are only some, and this video by THUMP makes you feel them all.

The Vice chapter of electronic music collaborated with Electric Forest and Madison House, to create this touching video Electric Forces. It is a story of a group of veterans, who teamed up to share their experiences at Sherwood Forest.
The founder of the squad, Lia Holland, describes this team as a “start of sharing of more stories,” which promotes positive vibes to festival attendees. Watching the video, you can see that all the veterans share their own story, and how this brought them together.

The healing of festival culture relates to this sense of unity. If you have ever been to Electric Forest before, you can definitely relate! This year was the first time I attended the festival, and the positive atmosphere was everywhere. I remember as I was entering the festival trough a gated line, everyone was high-fiving each other, and greeting fellow festies by saying “Happy Forest!”

I unfortunately did not get to meet the members of Electric Forces at my journey to Rothbury, but I really hope I get to meet them someday! These positive people are what make electronic music crowds more connecting. Next time you are at a festival do not forget to share!

Take a look at the video for yourselves: