Presets and samples are among the greatest tools to burgeoning producers. Without knowledge of programs to create custom synths and basslines, most of the time is spent messing with pre-existing sounds to try and create something original. Total Samples is teaming up with only the best names to bring you a series of sample and preset packs, such as Total Drum & Bass, Total Dubstep and Total Trap.

As of right now, Massive Presets are the main course. The first to release on the packages is none other than Bar9 who is known for their extremely well-crafted basslines and synths.


Total Drum & Bass is also out now, as well.


A new pack will be released every Sunday, and the packs coming in the next 8 weeks include Varien, Virtual Riot, Sub Antix, Cutline and High Maintenance. You can go HERE to find the latest packs.

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