The world’s favorite German producer has finally accepted Alesso, Dada Life and super model Stefanie Giesinger’s nominations to get drenched for a good cause. That’s right, Zedd got soaked for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Unlike Martin Garrix or Tiesto’s original and theatrical performances, Zedd kept it simple by merely presenting the challenge and naming his own 3 nominations (Ariana Grande, Jared Leto and Ken Floyd) in his German accent before getting wet with ice-cold water. If you’re interested in learning more about the ALS Association, you can visit the following link:

For anyone wondering, the reason why Zedd took more than 24 hours to fulfill the challenge was due to his hearing loss. Read about it here

As a bonus, here’s an extra and much funnier Ice Bucket Challenge video, that doesn’t have anything to do with EDM, but is definitely worth watching. Sherlock fans will recognize Benedict Cumberbatch getting drenched not once, but 5 times. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: @DMahoneyphoto