Do you love making music but don’t want to mess with all of the mess of being respected for your craft? Does getting to play your music in front of thousands of adoring fans sound like too much effort? If you answered yes, then DCC Studios is looking for you. The Netherlands based music production studio is looking for ghost producers to fabricate tracks for their clients, who we’re sure make a very uninspired group of people that should meet on Facebook under the name, “I have money and no talent. You have talent and no money. Lets make a deal.”

The “perks” for ghost production include:

“-You will earn 70% of the project revenue! This ranges from €400 to €1000 per project.
-You will gain a lot of new projects and (additional) income.
-We offer three services: Ghost Production, Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering. So you can choose the service that you are good at and earn money while making your producer dreams come true.
-All work is on a freelance base.
-You keep 70% of all the royalties. Just imagine what your portfolio will look like in the -long run and imagine its potential and possibilities.
-Improve your skills and competences by working for real clients.
-Long term potentials.”

We’re dying to hear more about the “long term potentials” involved with ghost production. More than likely, it’s the potential to sit on your couch and watch EDC from home while some vanilla DJ plays out your track. If you’re ready to give up on your musical career and interested in supporting someone else’s, you can apply to be a ghost producer here.