Still riding on the success of this beautiful track from Jumpstar & Ron Carroll, “We Did Alright“, CR2 records has organized a fantastic remix EP that is packed with everything from deep house to play by the poolside to grungy, electro house that will have you in a wild craze. The roster is incredible, featuring Henrix & Sevag, Golden Boy, Patrick Hagenaar, B1g Pr0j3ct, Jam Xpress, and Knuckle G. Each brings a invigorating twist to the original, making this an EP you won’t be able to turn off.

Patrick Hagenaar provides a powerful, uplifting version that will have you plur to the max. He encompasses the beauty of the track with bright melodies that have you feeling as if you’re main stage at EDC. Henrix & Sevag bring the heat as always with a fiery electro remix bursting to the seams with energy and verve. Knuckle G adds a unique take that really made this EP stand out to me. His indie/electronica style really worked well on this one, making it more than just a mainstream big room EP.

My favorite remix is dedicated to the one and only Golden Boy who absolutely struck gold with a fascinating remix that is utterly addicting. I’ve probably heard it about 50 times in the past two days and cannot get enough. He compliments the lovely vocals of Ron Carrol with an incredible mix of poolside beats and captivating melodies that never get old. I can’t say enough good things about this remix EP and I know you’ll love it too, so listen below and be sure to buy your official copy September 8th!