When we first heard ‘World’s Apart’ we were immediately encapsulated by the vocal and loved the way that Seven Lions had created such a dramatic yet up-lifting atmosphere. We really wanted to retain that feeling in our remix, whilst injecting just enough groove to get bodies up and moving to it on dance floors.

“Worlds Apart” is one of those timeless tracks. Thanks to Seven Lions the single was created with Kerli, but now we thank SoulCircuit for making an official remix of the tune. If it’s good enough for Ultra, it’s probably good enough for you too. The deep house cut has the groove you want with all the musicality you need. In processing the vocal, a whole new tone is brought to the song, creating something neoteric while also allowing one to reminisce on the original. SoulCircuit wasn’t a name I was too familiar with, but after listening to what was brought to the table, you can be sure I will be keeping up to date on them. With an Ultra release, which comes this Friday, they have to be hungry for more. And so are we.