After a long, arduous legal battle, Electric Forest has finally prevailed: the festival is staying at Rothbury! The Double JJ Ranch and AEG Live have reached an agreement that will allow Electric Forest to remain at Rothbury for the next decade.

Norm Halbower, who is part of the ranch’s ownership group, confirmed the agreement last Tuesday and made a statement assuring that the festival will return. Halbower noted the benefits of hosting a program such as Electric Forest to the facility’s future, mentioning how it brings in more funds, which will allow the continuation of ranch upgrades.

Not only does Electric Forest financially help the ranch, but it is something that Halbower has both experienced and enjoyed.

“I’m 72 years old and I attended the festival this year. It was such a pleasant experience. I met educated people from all walks of life, including architects and brilliant minds of stage and theater. The show the festival puts on is a sight to see.”

So at least for the next ten years, Electric Forest is staying home in Rothbury where it belongs!

Source: MLive