In a Wall Street Journal interview, David Guetta talked about how he feels it will be hard to top his previous album Nothing But The Beat. He also says his new music is something different from anything he has done before; what exactly that means, we can only speculate.

“Honestly, I’m a little bit scared. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before.”

I can certainly understand his predicament and wanting to top his previous album, but I don’t feel it’s something he should be scared of. Good music is not rated by how many records it sells, but by the content of the music itself, unless of course you’re a record label looking to make as much money as you can. In that case sales are more reflective of the quality. With this being a more personal album to David, hopefully he can top four million copies for his own individual satisfaction.
Discussing his album with the Wall Street Journal, David stated:

“I just wanted to push myself to the max, and then play it to others. I know I can make beats that make people dance, so now the challenge is to create the best possible music and songs that are timeless.”