Well, from this post you’ll now know that the Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 compilation has at least one absolutely bonkers track on it. Although there will be many more, “Woolloomooloo” is likely to be one of the most memorable productions from the project, at least for me. Edgy, complex and assertive, Juventa hit the nail on the head for my tastes and I think many others out there will agree. If you like bass and you like house, this is the perfect fit for you. I know it’s a Tuesday morning (at least, that’s when this was published), but “Woolloomooloo” will make you feel as though it’s a Friday, and you’re at a raging rave. You’ll probably be yelling out the title like the freed (dancing) beast you will become ones your ears touch this one. Juventa has me won. I cannot wait to hear what other goodies this next Enhanced Sessions has in it alongside this gem.

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