This Friday, September 12th, Montreal is going to be the site of one of the most diabolical infectious breakouts yet. The Kannibalen Anniversary party, which will have Apashe and Dabin, to name a couple, as well as the Black Tiger Sex Machine boys. Before they lead the charge up in Canada, they have released a major new original entitled “REVOLT.” Aggression and electro fit hand and hand; throw in some BTSM flavor and you have yourself a high octane party jam. These guys really know how to manage the energy (and anticipation) within the overall structure of a song, leading to a wild time that translates directly over into the live experience. I mean, when you have a throbbing bassline pounding away at you like you have here, it’s hard not to become overtaken. Get your dancing shoes on and leave your antidotes at home, because if you haven’t been infected yet, this will surely do it for you.

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