At New York Fashion Week, a place you will never see me and my Dickies/t-shirt get-up, Miley Cyrus showcased her new art collection called “Dirty Hippie.” Now, instead of psychedelic trinkets/attire that look like they could belong to a homeless person, she has gathered a bunch of kandi and other flamboyant pieces to make up the neon-colored collection, which was a collaboration with Jeremy Scott and her fans, who sent her many of the pieces that have been incorporated into this art installment. Among the eccentric pieces are a bong, small plastic toys, and a different kind of toy as well… Apparently, even a dildo made the cut. This nod to rave culture (save for the dildo, perhaps), whether or not on purpose, is at the very least neat to see at such a high profile event like NY Fashion Week. Even if it is a bit outrageous.