Last week Buffalo welcomed back the highly popular Glamour & Glow Fashion/EDM night life event that rocked the city on its debut there just one year prior. This year, the show upgraded to the infamous Rapids Theatre, a massive venue with an eerie reputation (it has been proven to be haunted by the popular SYFY show, Ghost Hunt, and also gave a few problems to Hardwell back in April). Glamour & Glow capitalized on this spookiness as the theme resembled Day of the Dead, offering an enthralling yet precarious vibe to welcome us when we walked through the doors.

If you’re not familiar with Glamour & Glow, it has traveled all over the Untied States, meshing a live runway fashion show with trapeze acts and break dancing crews, accompanied by live DJ-ing, and to top it off, all under black light! The most unique and defining aspect to the show is its focus on local talent, including local designers, models, photographers, and artists. It celebrated its first show in upstate NY last year and came back around this year for another go!


Buffalo’s design team took their work to a whole new level this year with their intricate, bewitching patterns on each male and female model. Their work captured the theme to a tee, giving each model a special aura of eeriness, leaving us all in the audience spellbound under this enchanting sight.


Thanks to the work of DJ Rankan & DJ Jiggz, their music injected life into this electrifying event that made the night simply spectacular. Each person involved made a significant impact, from the models to the backstage crew, making this another incredible year for the show. Keep your eye out for this event if it comes to a city near you and be sure to check the official site below!

Glamour & Glow Website