This past Friday, Zedd threw a secret show in Brooklyn in honor of the Absolut Nights series which came as a delight to all of those in attendance. Zedd was airlifted onto the stage via crate container, which was both an epic and surreal way to begin his set. Before going on, Zedd told Mashable:

 “No one knows I’m here, I want them to remember this night as a unique memory and as something they’ve never seen.”

With Zedd playing hits such as “Clarity” and “Find You” no one could resist the awesome power of dance music, especially not the EDM grandmas. The anonymous grandma was singing along word for word, and her moves were perfectly in sync with the music. Even Zedd  thought her moves were worth a retweet:


In a quick interview with Mashable before the event, Zedd also revealed who he would like to work with on his next upcoming album:

“I love Adele, so I’d love to work with her one day,”

“Bands like Silverchair and Radiohead are artists I grew up listening to. Maybe them. There’s tons of artists I’d like to work with, like Muse, too.”

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image credit: Chris Pearcey for Mashable

Source: Mashable