Ever wanted to ask Eric Prydz any question of the top of your head? Earlier this week, the man behind PrydaCirez D, and slew of other names took to Reddit and hosted an official AMA. Like the many musicians before him who have answered tons of questions from their fans, one of Sweden’s top house artists unveils to the public his future plans.

In terms of new music, Eric revealed three major things. First, he touched up on the PR(10)DA album that he teased earlier mentioning that it will see a release in the not-so-distant future. He also revealed that his remix of “Tether” by CHVRCHES will also see a release date. Finally, he mentioned a surprise for fans to expect between himself and deadmau5 for HARD Day Of The Dead. Although both Eric and Joel Zimmerman will be doing a back-to-back set, what more will they have in store for us?

One of the biggest things Eric Prydz talked about was his upcoming EPIC 3.0 show in Madison Square Garden on September 27th. He went into how passionate the show is for him, how he’s actually losing money from doing the show, and how currently there will not be any live streaming of the event nor any official recordings of the event. To enjoy it, you have to be there.

Finally, one of the biggest concerns amongst active producers and  fans of electronic dance music that came up in the AMA was the topic of the massively famous “Pryda snare” as made famous by the Pryda track “Miami To Atlanta”. On this, Eric responded to fans saying, “It’s becoming a joke now.” Although it’s been overused in many productions in the last two years, Eric makes it “sound different” in his newer songs.

If you want to check out what else was asked and answered by Eric Prydz check out his AMA here.