EDM’s poster child, Zedd, has given us an update on his sophomore album that is due out early 2015. In an interview with billboard, the young superstar revealed his current progress, as well as who he would like to collaborate with:

“I’d love to work with Muse or Silverchair, because I grew up in bands and they really inspired me. But nothing is confirmed, that’s just my wish list.”

In addition to his celebrity collaboration list, Zedd also explained how these chart-topping collaborations come into fruition:

“When it’s about getting a singer for my tracks, it is strictly about the voice. I will have created a song and have a specific idea in my head about what kind of vocal texture I want on it. For artists that ask me to produce for them, the rule is I have to love it.”

We all are waiting patiently for the release of his new album, and Billboard got to ask the question on everyone’s mind: “Whats taking so long?”

In response, Zedd answered:

No it’s true, it’s taking forever. It’s hard to find time to sit down and focus on it. I’ve written most of the songs but the production process is long for me – making them sound the way I want them to sound, finding the right vocalists, and so on. I might put out a single or two in the next six months or so, but I need to get off the road for a little while. The plan for the second half of this year was to play less shows and do more studio work. I do a lot of Vegas shows and I literally stay in the studio until 9 p.m., hop on a plane and fly over to get on stage by midnight. That way I can still get a full studio day in. Anyway, I’m hoping that by early next year, it will be wrapped. But we’ll see.

Zedd also discussed his reported hearing-loss from earlier this year:

Being constantly around noise is obviously not great for you, but I am always wearing earplugs. Ironically, it actually happened when I had a few days off and hadn’t been around any noise at all. The doctor said it was a combination of stress and not getting enough sleep and so on. Go figure. But it’s all good now.

You can read the full interview HERE
Via: EDM Tunes