With all electronic genres feeling their support wavering from week to week it seems like there is no stability in the community. Despite this, one of those timeless sounds that will always tug at your heart strings while simultaneously forcing your dancing shoes to shuffling is the warmth of electro soul tracks like that in Krooked Driver‘s single “Something In The Air.” The emotive drive of the track is found in somber melody coming off a strings sample and the dynamically punchy beat, which stands out amongst the thousands of over compressed sausages floating around the EDM pool. This single comes off of their upcoming LP entitled Finding The Way and the tease couldn’t get us more excited for the release.

The LP is to be released on Michal Menert‘s Super Best Records and the single is available as a “pay what you will” download here. Lets go ahead an quell the comments of “Sounds like Pretty Lights” because as amazing as Derek’s productions are, those types of generalizations are like saying Skrillex owns dubstep or your mom owns ham sandwiches. Plus, this track has some crazy structural beat switch ups from the drum and bass feels to hip-hop that makes it difficult to categorize.

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