Crichy Crich is a relative newcomer to the scene, but he’s already making some serious waves. From collaborating with Riff-Raff to providing vocals for trap & bass all-star Tincup, the Austin MC is on a mission to take the spotlight.

Unfortunately, his latest collaboration with Nic Brem is a bit lackluster. ‘Fat Ass Booty’ sounds generic and stale, utilizing basic trap drum patterns and synth chops. A lyrical performance from Crichy Crich could have made the track pop, but he only provides an easily forgettable hook. His flow is usually ultra-fresh and aggressive, but that talent just isn’t on display this time around. However, while ‘Fat Ass Booty’ may be sonically disappointing, the young lyricist is still solidifying his sound and has a lot going for him; Crichy is brimming with talent and is definitely a name to keep your eye on. Peep the full track below and be sure to show him some support!


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