There are very few duos as recognized or appreciated as Justice. Their impact and influence is far spread and has helped artists such as Madeon and The M Machine be inspired in their own works. So, to remix one of Justice’s most popular and well known songs, that’s taking a big risk. Thankfully I’m able to assure you Our Time has manged to retain the elements of “Phantom” that made it such a memorable song all the while creating something fresh and totally new with it.

Our Times remix uses the vocal chops from the original and slowly introduces elements into the song that eventually build into a electro house drop that contains an immense amount of groove. As the drop continues things get more glitchy and hectic, the main sample of vocals from the original are very present and makes for a more complete feeling to the remix. Now comes my favorite part of both the original and this remix, the balance between the horns from the original and the things Our Time had added just works on every level. Normally in electro house the 2nd drop is either the same as the first or independent but in this case, the previous 4 minutes of the song are needed for this 2nd drop to feel complete and whole. Going much more aggressive than the first, with stronger elements of electro, this drop gives a sense of closure and completion to the journey of the song.

Going into this remix I was nervous of Our Time messing up one of my favorite songs, but they absolutely nailed this in every sense of the word.

You can stream and download the remix below.