‘Latch’ has been without a doubt one of the most successful tracks of 2014. And considering it came out in early 2013, that’s really saying something. It has been remixed and remixed time and again by small and big producers alike. This newest take on the track, however, is barely even an edit.

Schoolboy Q, popular hip hop lyricist, added a verse to just the last third of the track, and it only lasts 30 seconds. One can hardly call this an improvement, or even assign it a adjective other than superfluous for what little it adds to the track. I’m not even sure the added verse fits in with the intended meaning of the song.

Regardless, you can check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Was it just what the track needed, or was it an effort to jump on the already popular track?

In the meantime, Disclosure has closed out their last live show of the year and are heading back to the studio to work on their sophomore album.

H/T: inthemix