Lemaitre’s music is kind of like chips; you can’t just have 1 song.  There is just something about the music they make and how easy it is to get lost in it.

I found myself cleaning my music collection today and stumbling back upon this EP, quickly forgetting what I was doing. The 5 songs contained on this are timeless, and by that I mean, I personally could be anywhere in the world at any moment and if this ep came on, I’d instantly feel home and full of nostalgia. Maybe its the french touch, the way the music so perfectly encapsulates the feelings of reflection or how unique the songs themselves, but there’s some kind of genuine magic to this music.

I could spend the next several hours talking about how much I love this ep, but I don’t think I’d be doing it near enough justice. so in my own subjective opinion i feel this is music everyone needs to hear at one point in their life.