It seems Boston’s own Armand van Helden (one half of Duck Sauce) will be the next artist to curate Ministry of Sound‘s Masterpiece series. As with previous editions in the series, the album will consist of three discs jam-packed with tunes from each stage of the producer’s career. The idea is to provide snapshots in time along the path of the artist’s musical journey.

For Armand van Helden, that journey started in Boston’s gritty club scene. To attest to this, the first disc of his Masterpiece will consist of cuts from era-defining artists like Masters at WorkGroove Patrol, and Mood II Swing. The second disc is playfully titled ‘Yacht Rock Don’t Stop’ and contains music from van Helden‘s earliest memories, his inspirations. According to him, his parents would almost always be playing these records at high volume around the house and the regulars just stuck with him. Artists like the Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, and Toto carry the listener through this portion of the project. The third and final disc is an ode to ‘freestyle’, a wild, hybrid genre that never truly got its time in the spotlight; Debbie DebStevie B, and Lisa Lisa and more all make appearances here.

This edition of the Masterpiece is due for release sometime this February, but you can check out a preview mini-mix crafted by Armand van Helden himself after the jump. If you’re picking up what he’s laying down, then head on over to iTunes and pre-order a copy.