When a track reaches as much popularity and notoriety as ‘Sad Machine,’ you’re going to see a lot of bootlegs. I mean, a lot. An inordinate amount, in fact. A number surpassing many but not so much as infinity. You catch my drift. When you’re faced with so many interpretations of the same track, many of which sound the same, it can become tiresome or even seem like a waste of time to listen to another one.

Kredo was one of the first producers I looked at when I was just starting out writing on my own personal blog last year, and I wanted to check up on him and see what he had been up to. Lo and behold, a ‘Sad Machine’ bootleg. I really like his style so I decided to give it a listen and Dear. God.

It’s been nearly a year since his last release, and what a way to re-enter the scene. The bootleg is inspired with an incredible bassline and interpretation of the brilliant synth work of Porter Robinson himself. The build is very unsuspecting, utilizing the small little chime sounds and adding some strings to the mix. But soon enough you get to the climax and the bass hits you right in the chest, completely unexpected. It really raises the level of the mix in an utterly tangible way. I won’t even mention the second drop, I’ll let you discover that on your own.

If this is an indication of things to come from Kredo, I am very, very excited.