I love that as I delve deeper into progressive house, I find myself enjoying the longer, less club friendly tracks more and more. I get enough of that with all of the dubstep and electro I listen to; sometimes it’s nice to find a very relaxing track that can just whisk you away to another plane of thought.

EnterĀ Orno, and ‘Oathkeeper.’ It’s a 7-minute journey in self-discovery and meditation that you can only find with tracks so peaceful and well-composed. The drop is subdued and restrained, only giving what the listener needs and nothing superfluous. Too many tracks try to fit in all the sounds they can without considering if they should, and I very much appreciate when a producer has the foresight to hold back a bit.

Please, put on some headphones, stop everything else you’re doing and just be in the moment while you listen to this. You will feel calmer and more at ease, I guarantee it. It’s a wonderfully powerful track, give it the attention it deserves.