Just over a month ago, Chaz Bundick‘s dance project, Les Sins, slithered back into the industry’s focus with the release of his single ‘Bother’. Propulsive and clean, ‘Bother’ showcased a looped beat and chopped vocal sample that pulsated hypnotically. While ‘Bother’ embodied a driven four-to-the-floor feel, his latest single ‘Why’ featuring vocals from Nate Salman sheds light on the traces of pop-influenced house and disco elements itching to be equally showcased throughout the album.

As a slow-draw effortlessly builds and pulls the listener knee deep into a steady groove, Les Sins’ follow-up single, ‘Why’, does an exemplary job illustrating what makes this producer/vocalist pair so appealing. Bundick’s affinity for meticulously crafted combinations is visibly and audibly clear, as deep, layered melodies sift together effortlessly while funky bass and looped guitar samples interlock underneath a soulful vocal cut. ‘Why’ is a welcomed and bright demonstration of Bundick’s uncanny ability to shape dance-friendly records that truly shine for their ambition and lofty composition.

‘Michael’, which is slated for release on November 4th is available now to pre-order here. Enjoy.