Every so often an entity walks this planet that forever changes the way our artistic chemistry interacts with our ability to define the human aesthetic. Caspa is one of these entities and when he comes out swinging with a massive North American tour to promote his upcoming album, you know it won’t just be a spectacle of sound but an entire array of sensory stimulation.

Your EDM linked up with the man himself to giveaway two free tickets to a date of your choice, which can be obtained by emailing your full name + “Your EDM” + your chosen city in the subject field to [email protected]. Make sure you are old enough to attend your chosen show.

We caught up with Caspa to find out more about the 500 project and to further get a feel for what the dubstep vanguard  has been grinding out, he dropped us off a preview reel of his upcoming content. As an added bonus he’s also given us a free download of the single “Your Time Is Now.” Let us know what your favorite tune is off 500:Episode 001 by giving Caspa and supporting act The Others a shout on twitter below and using #Caspa500.

Caspa | The Others

The Caspa 500 project combines music and events, and will make up your third artist album – can you let us know about the process of making and selecting the music?

I wanted to take some time off, get back in the studio and just have fun making beats! It was important for me not to compromise, as I feel sometimes you can lose sight of that. I’ve been listening to a lot of soundtracks and cinematic scores and really wanted to bring that vibe across but with my sound. You can kind of hear that on the last album – Alpha Omega – but in 500 it’s much more present. Writing these beats gave me a real nostalgic feel – like when the scene first started and the music was being played in more intimate venues like basements and small clubs, they were just dark rooms with no glitz or glamour apart from the big soundsystem, allowing the ravers to hear and feel the music as it should be heard! And that’s when I thought of the idea of 500 – taking the music and putting it in an environment that was exactly that.

You are about to embark on a mammoth North American tour with over 25 dates – what should we expect from the 500 shows?

For me, a lot of places in America skipped that back to basics vibe of how this whole scene started. For a lot of people their first bass show would have been in a 3,000 capacity Amphitheatre or main stage at a huge EDM festival, what I’m trying to do is the complete opposite. Bring that original London vibe to America and take it back to basics. An intimate setting in a dark room with a huge sound system.

I’m sick of all the s**t music, s**t artists and all the b******s press that dubstep has been getting. For my own sanity I have to show people how it should sound and how it should feel – on a proper soundsystem, not some bullshit PA. 

It’s not about the money, it’s not about the CO2 cannons, big ass LED screens or the dancers on stage. It’s about the music, the bass, the fans and the vibe that can only be truly created in this kind of setting. 

What’s next for Caspa?

First on the list is to release all of this new music from the 500 album. The plan is to spread the tracks out in 4 sections – 3 Episodes, then the final album – which will include everything plus unreleased material and mixes.  After the North American tour there are possible plans to take the tour to Australia, Asia, the UK and Europe. 

Also we’re currently celebrating Ten years of my label Dub Police, and have a bunch of parties in the UK, Europe and Russia with the rest of the artists.

Apart from that we will keep on pushing and releasing good music.

Make sure you keep an eye on caspa500.com/music – I will be updating this with loads of stuff, including mixes, free music, and album clips.


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