Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a show on the Oasis Tour. Headlined by MitiS, who just released his tour accompanying EP, it was quite the experience alongside Crywolf, who is featured on the vocal mix for the title track, and Bear Grillz. I got to experience this project live, and I suggest you do the same, after you experience it digitally, of course. What you get with this Born Records EP is something refreshing.

“For So Long” kicks things off in the smoothest way possible. The light-hearted feel makes one believe they are actually entering into some sort of luxury oasis. In taking from progressive house and trance, MitiS creates a stellar production that makes great use of his piano chops. “Oasis” comes next, in vocal form, and although things are shifted to downtempo, the crisp style is all the same. There’s a certain heavenly quality that this song sports that has me believing there’s no one who can resist its charm. The third track, “Prism,” shares a similar vibe to the first track, but the progressive house style comes on much stronger. It is the only track that you can get as a free download, so if you dig, make sure to download it from the embedded player. If you like the whole EP, head over to iTunes and get ’em all!

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