Dillon Francis can release a re-birth or a 2.0 and that makes me happier than when most popular artists release something brand new. So was the case when he decided to give a way a re-mastered and updated version of his hit classic “Masta Blasta.” In just making the kick four-to-the-floor, the song automatically got kicked up a notch. If you are not familiar with the original version, this one should suffice, but for those of you who are curious as to all of the differences, check it out, along with its re-birth. As someone who originally came from a moombahton centered blog, I’m happy to see this come out again, and I’d love for this to spark some more moombah to come out. I mean, moombahton forever right? Last time I checked, that means it doesn’t stop, and neither does Dillon Francis.

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