DJ Soysauce is an artist I found by chance a few months back while looking around Soundcloud. Since discovering his music I have yet to find a song by him that didn’t completely captivate me. There is just such a solid blend of charm authenticity and flavor to his music that nobody else really seems to have. This latest edit of “You Haunt Me” by Sir Sly is something special. How he presents it is refreshing and like spoons hitting glass. SoySauce cites his inspiration for this song in the description on Soundcloud and its well worth the read.


One day I was on Skyping my friend. Then Ryan Hemsworth magically appeared. Stunned, I asked Ryan a question ( I don’t remember bc I was so stunned). He didn’t respond. Instead he stood there quietly. Majestically. Looking into my eyes. Then he gently picked up a vine of green grapes on the table in front of him. He raised the vine toward his mouth as I started to salivate with every inch it got closer to his. Then he started to suck on a single green grape silently staring without saying a single word for 15 seconds. Then the video call ended. I was so inspired and made this in honor of the grape. This is a story about a green grape and @ryanhemsworth‘s mouth.

I was so inspired by this because it is a story about survival. It is about hope. Just when you think all is lost, think of that fucking grape. He was sitting in Ryan’s mouth for 15 eternal seconds. His body was waiting for his glistening white french teeth to blend it into a smoothie straight into his stomach. Do I know what happened to the grape? No. But what I know is that you can never give up hope just like that grape. Man can live 30 days without food. 3 days without water. But not a second without hope. And that grape proved to us that there is hope, even in the darkest moments.