You previously heard Figure‘s free single “It’s Alive,” but now Your EDM has the chance to premiere another Monsters 5 single, “Pennywise the Clown.” The collaboration with Brawler and CasOne is even more big and scary than the last tune. I really don’t know how he does it. Figure never lets up. This preview alone shows why Figure is one of the premiere bass music producers out there. There are times that dubstep can get sort of homogeneous, but with something like this, there’s so much excitement (and terror) packed into it, that there’s no really denying this one is something special.

Aside from the track, Figure weighed in on his Terrorvision tour that will be getting underway this month. With a headlining set at the Halloween themed Nightmare Festival as quite possibly the most fitting stop on this tour, all of his shows will surely astound. So be sure to check out the full schedule so you can catch the tour at one of it’s impending locations!

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1. Tell us about “TerrorVision”, how did the idea for a live audio/video mixing develop and what can fans expect?

I have always wanted to add something to my Dj sets, but not just a huge stage set-up like others have, something to really compliment all my music visually. Once Serato Video became very stable , I just decided that next year (this year) I will do a custom video tour. The timing was great because Rane contacted me and sent me their ‘Rane 64’ mixer , so I had all the tools at my disposal right away. It’s taken about 8 months to get all the video content together working with various people, throughout the process I’ve even taught myself how to edit video, so now I make all the edits and can change things when I like. Fans can expect the video to match the energy of my sets, it’s going to be the opposite of what shows at “EDM” shows normally’s going to be bloody, very spastic and sometimes a bit too much murder, ahha.  It’s almost like the music gave birth to video, without all the creepy scary monster stuff I do..the video would maybe be a stretch..but it fits perfectly.

2. Will “TerrorVision” be in support of “Monsters Vol. 5” or will we hear elements of the full FIGURE catalogue?

Well TerrorVision is something I’m going to be doing and changing for a long time, not just this tour but for festivals and random shows. You can book Figure or you can book Figure Presents Terrorvision as it might not always be the right fit for certain events/clubs etc.. You will hear tons of the new “Monsters 5” album but yes, I am focusing on my reign of Monsters and anything that is in general .. horrifying. People can expect to hear their old Figure favorites, and tons of new music. I am bringing out all the Monsters for this tour.

3. You’re playing Nightmare Festival 11/1 in Darlington, MD, do you have a preference as far as headlining a show vs a festival?  How do you expect that to differentiate the “TerrorVision” experience between the two?

I can’t pick between the two, on the one hand a show is great because they are there for you and it’s a more personal experience. On the other hand, festivals have a whole other vibe, and you get to expose so many people to your music. The video sets will be the same at both, but the shock value may be stronger/more intimate at my headline shows.. although, given the theme of the this specific festival, it might be an absolutely perfect fit!

4. You added SpaceLaces to the “Terrorvision” tour, what element is he bringing to the show?

Ian and I have a good, long past. I used to live in Louisville and that’s where he is from, we used to hang out all the time years ago. I remember so long before all the crazy growl bass stuff was cool, he was always coming over and showing me some insane noises he would make… he is a very chill and smart guy … great company. He was the first one to ever hear the first Monsters EP, and after sending it to Mike from Evol Intent he linked me to Play Me and it got Ian kinda helped that all get a good start. But I added him because he will complete the sonic circle, he will complete a package of a good show. He normally only plays his own music, and he doesn’t just play bangers back to back..he creates peaks and valleys, a journey.  People really like what he does, and I always thought he should play more shows … he isn’t too concerned with stage fame and all that..I was so excited when he agreed to come.