As a writer, you sometimes develop a relationship with an artist via your blog. This is often beneficial and serves to create a deeper bond between music and media. Such is the case with Danzfolk — they send me music, and I write about it. But not because I’m obligated to, or because they’re paying me, or anything as banal as that. It’s because their music is seriously fucking good.

Their last two works (1) (2) were written as a series, and when listened to together make a very convincing testimony to their production abilities. I’m beginning to see a progression, especially with this newest track, “Kanjo,” toward a more Swedish House Mafia sound. The main difference however, and this is a big one, is the planned endgame. I can’t speak for either group, but with Danzfolk, I feel like the focus is definitely more on telling a story.

The word “Kanjo” means little to most, is a mystery to some, and is legendary for the few who truly understand it. For the better part of three decades, Honda enthusiasts have been racing on an elevated highway system located in the heart of Osaka, Japan. This expressway is known as the “Kanjo Loop” because the roadways connect in a clockwise position on a loop. For the average everyday citizen of Osaka, this is just a means to get around the city. Afterhours tell a completely different story. Highly illegal and dangerous activity, the Kanjozoku themselves display a complete disregard for authority, taunt the police and conceal their identity with masks. Normally, activities like these are put down to a disenfranchised youth, rebelling against society, but for the Kanjozoku, it is a way of life.