The bridge between Downlink and his fans is never closed. Whether it is performing in the sub-driven supergroup Destroid, providing a gateway to the rowdiest beats on the planet through his Uplink Audio label, or just by chopping up the dirty dark baselines in his solo career, Downlink is always inviting the dance floor to explore the murky corners of his mind.

This track started as a simple DJ tool, something I made in my hotel room like an hour before I went to the club one night. With a huge low end and piercing hi end, it ended up getting a huge reaction in my sets on tour and through the summer. I figured I needed to make it into something people can play out but I didn’t want to change too much from what people came to like about it. It’s pretty simple and not really a big representation of what I’m currently working on so I decided to give it out to you guys for free. Enjoy!!! – Downlink

His latest offering is a wonky hybrid trap tune that kicks the 808s but more so relies on a dubstep arrangement. The track gets moving with a simple yet chopped arpeggio that sets an up and down motion right before the spectrum gets split by deep subs and piercing highs. It then drops on a vibrating synth lead that gets knocked to the side by industrialized machine growls and moves toward the lasered/horn section that you come to expect when you’re down in the trap.

Make sure to grab a free download courtesy of the homies at here and rate “Hotel Trap” below.