The fantastic talents of Blood Groove & Kikis are an industry leading duo that are known for their lusciously expressive Progressive tunes and are responsible for such hits as “Falling”, “Without You”, and “Wonderland” off of their debut album. After their success off of their original production, “Deep Down”, (off of the Nuevadeep imprint), they now grant us with a beautifully lounge-like remix from Beckwith entitled his ‘Vanity‘ mix. Beckwith is a NYC based producer that has been finding huge success off of the Anjunadeep sub-label with singles such as “End Of Brooklyn”, “Back To Love” and “Townsend Sling”, and his unique influences with the NYC culture have definitely added a tone of raw, edgy character to his otherwise sensual Deep House vibes.

Deep Down” is a wonderfully smoky tune that eases us into the club with its chunky, yet rounded rhythms throughout the track while its rich, accented tones of cool, minty vibes emotes friendly, nostalgic feelings of Deep House of the early 1980’s. Most Progressive tracks never ring a bell in my ear drums, but this deep rendition definitely perked an unusual spark to my attention. This complex remix delivers unique and intricate elements of sound that almost encourages you to listen to the track on repeat just to catch little nuances that you may have missed before. Go ahead and listen to the stream below and while you’re at it, go grab it for free via the link below.