Crywolf‘s Angels EP took us all by storm in April earlier this year. The soft vocals from Justin himself and the wonderfully sultry and hypnotizing basslines were a huge step in the right direction for the long-time producer. It seems that so many artists are finding their own unique sound in 2014 and it is nothing short of amazing to watch unfold.

This newest track comes as a collaboration between Crywolf and Ian Borg, called “Runaway.” Once again, Justin’s vocals are wonderfully matched to the sound of the track, no surprise seeing he has done it so well in the past. However, “Runaway” has taken the sound from Angels and perfected, or rather developed it, to a point where I can see this becoming something huge.

There’s no doubt that EDM has a large lack of male vocals, aside from popular notables like Matthew Koma. In many instances, producers tend to do the vocals themselves such as Porter RobinsonLe Castle VaniaSavant, or in this case, Crywolf. Male vocals are generally in a lower register than female’s and in that sense, the range of the track itself can unfold to even greater lengths.


Pre-order the Runaway EP out November 11th on iTunes.