It’s not often you get to hear a whole album three weeks before it comes out. However, with this premiere, that is the case. The London producer Rednek has decided to showcase his project, Red Gold, early, but for your sake you better be back on the internet on October 27th when this thing drops for real. With fifteen tracks total, and collaborations with the likes of Spyda and Harvey, there’s a lot going on here, so let’s get into it and see exactly what we have on our hands.

First off, I have to say if you like bass, then you are going to love what’s in this album. With tracks like “Loud Noises” and “Hill Bill,” plus numerous others, you get more than your fair share of bumpin’ low frequencies. Then there’s tracks like “West Coast” and “Nutta Skank” that infuse hip hip into the composition, to further diversify the project, which even goes so far as having hardstyle. My personal favorites include “Night Terror” and “Breadwin,” the latter of the two being my #1. Delve into the project, and make sure to check Rednek out when he is on tour next year. If you’d like a taste of that, watch the supplementary video below the album.

If you would like to book Rednek, shoot an email over to [email protected].