Here to bring you another week of Fresh Face Friday, Your EDM wants to introduce a change up to the segment. We’re going out with the old and in with the new. House has been the genre of choice for Fresh Face Friday for the past three months but today marks a new round. And with that being said, we would like to say “hello” to Dubstep and Drum & Bass.

With that being said, have a listen to the first three artists featured on Fresh Face Friday of October and the Dubstep and Drum & Bass category.

Mar Mar Binkz – Annihilate Them All

Coming from Grand Rapids, Michigan, 19 year old Marcus, A.K.A Mar Mar Binkz, has been producing for a little over 3 years. With inspiration from Datsik and Gramatik, Mar Mar Binkz fell in love with EDM. Since then he has released his new EP “Bully” which he interprets as a voice without words for those who have been bullied. Producing has been his medicine and he hopes to be an inspiration to others.

Mar Mar Binkz on Facebook & Twitter

Extra Terra – Quartz Emerald

The duo of Extra Terra which is comprised of Cinate and Huso are not human. They come from the depths of the galaxy with a master plan in which they use sound and images as their tools to carry out their proposed plan. Their first step was to connect themselves throughout the global networks that earth has to offer through the use of “Weekly Music”, a segment where they release a new free song each week to gain momentum. “The second step was to inseminate our virus, which is why we took the initiative to release our first single on THU records named, “Grand Trap Audio”. And now they are on the offensive in the final stages of spreading their virus throughout the galaxy by releasing their debut EP “Fire of Turduu” which will gain them further exposure amongst us “earthlings” that will assure decimation of any resistance. Their final message, “you can’t stop us. Get ready!”

Extra Terra on Facebook & Twitter

Ste Cee – A Summer Night

Since starting his exploration of music seven years ago with the guitar, Ste Cee has been on an evolving ride through the production side of music for a while now. He started first with Metal and then went on to produce EDM close to two years ago. Ste Cee told me that he focuses on having fun while making music because, “it’s the most annoying thing in the world to do something if you don’t have fun with it”.

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Congrats to Extra Terra for the first win of the new round! Stay tuned for next week.

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-Chris W-