Terravita is one of those groups that never really stops working. They have been busy this entire year and, by all accounts, they love what they do. Their debut album Rituals was just released in April, after which they spent a few months on the road touring to promote the album. This entire time, one of the members Chris Barlow has been setting up the Safe In Sound Festival, and now the trio are coming out with a fresh new EP, Fuel To The Fire, out on Firepower Records on 10/14.

This track ‘Endangered Species’ is not the usual fare for Terravita, no. While the nasty bass growls are still there, the track adopts a much more swingy feel. The bassline is nearly non-existent, opting instead for a super funky tune with emphasis on the horns and the ever-present hi-hats. It’s an interesting take on EDM, where the bassline is so consistently a driving factor in any track. If not for the bass synths, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this tune in a jazz club.

You can check out the tune below and pre-order Fuel To The Fire on iTunes now.