I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started hating Lorde‘s smash hit Team, but if I had to guess it would have been sometime between the 10,000th and 15,000th time I heard it. But, I can definitely tell you when I started liking it again – the second I heard Autograf’s tropical rework around 9:00 AM this morning. It’s that dope.

First things first, steel drum intro. Have a listen, you’ll understand what I mean. The percussive vibe set by the steel drum line sets the groundwork for a really impressive progression. The minor elements that present quite simply early on in the tune, open up into a more expansive┬ámelodic concept. When the vocals are added into the mix, the idea comes full circle and shines. The feels are tropical.

Be sure to peep the song below and grab a free download.

(Lorde – Team (Autograf Remix)