Residual excitement still reigns over the EDM community even after TomorrowWorld closes up shop. One huge set that I know a plethora of people were looking forward to seeing was indefinitely 3LAU. The guy has carved a name in the scene for himself and just continues to grow and bend frequencies in exciting and new ways.

Now I’m a west coaster and unfortunately did not attend TomorrowWorld this year, but best believe it is on the bucket list, but a few close pals of mine made their way out to Atlanta to rage face and enjoy the festivities this year. One set they said they were glad they didn’t overlook was yet again (I may be complimenting this gentlemen too much), 3LAU’s.

Now entering a sense of EDM inception, and a big reason why so many people’s blood got to pumping over his set was because of  remix, that is set to release Monday the 13th on Dance Floor Filth 4, that takes Paris & Simo’s rework of Zombienation’s “Kernkraft 400” and essentially “reboots” it as 3LAU states.

You can hear it below and download it for free come its release date next Monday. This remix and rework of Kernkraft 400 is a perfect combination between the iconic original and a mixture of the new and fresh sounds you hear today.

Have a listen.

-Chris W-