As one of the biggest DJ’s in dance music, Tiesto has seen it all. Over 20 years of experience has taught the DJ the ins and outs of the industry, and the swaying of trends.

When asked what the secret to his success was, Tiesto described a common birthday as the source of all fortune:

 “I feel like a lot of DJs are the same star sign as I am, I think it has something to do with that,” Tiesto told AAP. “The top 10 DJs basically all of them are Capricorns, Calvin Harris and I are born on the same day, then there’s Hardwell, Deadmau5, Skrillex, all Capricorns, crazy, right?

Yes, Tiesto has put his faith in the stars when it comes to determining success. He went on to explain the traits of Capricorns and how the skills directly translated into a successful DJ career.

Although astrology was determined to be pseudoscience over 40 years ago, it still seems that one of dance music’s star icons still believes in the old superstitions.

Tiesto also went on to discuss the backlash he has received over his career from other musicians, particularly rock and pop stars targeting the art of DJing:

“They don’t really understand DJs that well. We get a lot of criticism but we don’t just play records, DJ-ing is not that hard but it’s also not very hard to play the guitar if you practice for ten years. Kids start programming and Dj-ing when they’re 12 so that by the time they’re 20 and 22 they know how to DJ properly. It’s a different art form, you can’t really compare it.”

Source: Yahoo