Never Say Die has just released the teaser video for the upcoming Eptic EP, The End. Over the years, Eptic has continued to unleash a relentless barrage of dubstep and hard-hitting tunes that push the limits of sound design and creativity.

It is my opinion, however, that after listening to some of the teasers on this video that his sound has become a tad stale. That is not to say that the tracks are not inherently good, but rather that I feel like they’re nothing new. On the flip side, I am more than just a little bit excited to hear the full versions of ‘Level Midnight’ and ‘She’. The former is a downright dirty house banger and the latter sounds like it will be a really dope future bass track. The final tune on the EP, a remix from Sub Zero, unfortunately sounds like every other uninspired jungle tune.

Check out the video below. The EP comes out October 27th.