It’s no secret that some of the world’s leading Trance companies have lost sight on what the true definition of Trance is and while many labels are now trying to capitalize on their own ‘branded’ sound to further their own imprint, it is moving father and father away from certain characteristics that Trance should contain. This isn’t to say that there is essentially a right or a wrong way to interpret Trance, but there has been instances where many labels have intentionally mislead the public in genres in order to rack up sales on Beatport. With Trance slowly succumbing to genre blending and to the evolution of its own inner machinations, it was time for a label to step up and deliver true, classic Trance sounds for the public in order to rekindle their faith in this once majestic genre. The legendary Infrasonic Recordings label, (known for their stunning and consistent quality in all things Trance), has stepped up to the plate with their newest sublabel entitled Infrasonic Pure, and it is quickly becoming my personal favorite label for incredible Trance music. This time, they have enlisted the jaw dropping talents of Luigi Lusini and Starchaser with the wondrous lyrics of Trance favorite Molly Bancroft on a new vocal tune entitled All I Want. Both Luigi and Starchaser are part of the mysterious imprint entitled The Clubbers and their combined strengths enable the original mix to soar above the sky in pure, Progressive delight. However, it is the star studded talents of the legendary Ultimate that recrafts this track into a beautiful rendition of true Trance that focuses on melodic might, decadent pad work and dreamy atmospheres.

In our opinion, the beautiful craftsmanship of Ultimate doesn’t get as nearly enough respect and recognition that he rightfully deserves. As the masterful remixer to Moonsoul‘s If I Still Believe, (which is a contender for one of the best Trance tracks of the year), he has seriously stepped up from last year and has his sights set on representing Trance in its truest form. In his rendition to All I Want, Ultimate once again sprinkles a dash of his special blend of spices to deliver an absolutely spellbinding rework that perfectly exemplifies the warm, flowing vocals of the lovely Molly Bancroft. It begins with a warm assortment of pads and mainline synths that compliments a perfectly balanced percussion section to bring together all of these floating components into a rich, full bodied set. Ultimate is one to know how to place an astonishingly strong foundation for the vocals without overpowering them; a trait that not every producer has the patience, nor the finesse to accurately implement. The breakdown is something out of a fairytale as gorgeously decadent strings paint the perfect picture for an amazingly emotional and euphoric moment of illuminating clarity, which intensifies ten fold when the phrase begins to evolve with the addition of orchestral strings and simplistic pianos. It really puts an added weight to the vocals and slices through the heart with its embracing message as the sway and ebb of tear inducing melodies sweeps one off their feet and into the realm of pure, emotional bliss. Finally, it launches itself into a wonderful drop that doesn’t try to prove itself; but instead, just plays along and invites those to follow on its journey; a journey that can be more exhilarating and enticing than most of what we call Trance today.

Ultimate‘s virtuosic remix to Luigi Lusini & Starchaser‘s vocal collaboration with Molly Bancroft, All I Want, is out now on Infrasonic Pure, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q