With today seeing the release of his second single on Panda Funk Records, we decided to catch up with talented young producer Whyel to chat all things music. “Party Don’t Stop” is a straight up club anthem, packed with bucket loads of dynamics and individuality, and can be purchased here. Check out our interview with the man behind the single below.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Energy, obnoxious and big

How did you go about creating ‘Party Don’t Stop’? What was the initial idea and where did it stem from?

I played a show in Arizona and the people raged all night till the lights came on. I was so inspired by all the people that stayed and partied all night that on my way back to LA in the back of my friends car, I made the majority of the track. It was then I wrote the line “Party don’t stop until we drop”.

With a hectic summer coming to an end what has been your most memorable moment?

Going on tour with my big brother Deorro was so much fun, we got to play so many shows and see so many places. Plus the two of us together is trouble. We had so much fun!

What would be the one venue (anywhere in the world) you would want to drop ‘Party Don’t Stop’ in?

My mom’s bedroom super early in the morning, just to bug her.

You have a distinctive sound running through your productions, where do you see this sound developing in the future?

My sound and productions are constantly evolving so who knows where it will end up, but I do know that whatever route I go it will still have tons of energy.