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Most of us have heard that a fish can only grow in relation to the size of the pond it inhabits. No matter the creature’s determination, its potential will always be hindered by the limitations of the space it occupies, and the life of James Egbert is no exception. Growing up two hours outside of Dallas, Texas, James was exposed to a life where everyone knew each other, shopped at the same grocery stores, and went to the same church. Despite his small-town upbringing, Egbert’s aspirations expanded far beyond the borders of his hometown.

From the day James was born, much of his youth had been meticulously planned by physicians. Being born with a congenital disorder medically known as palatoschisis, or cleft palate, he would have to adhere to a rigid schedule of surgeries every few years (until the age of 18) as a means to monitor the development of his skull. Thankfully, throughout the turmoil that accompanies such a demanding ailment, he could always fall back on the love and support of his family.

Those raised in the Egbert home were no strangers to music, so their son’s current occupation doesn’t come as much of a surprise. James was introduced to music at a young age and developed an interest for various genres ranging from rock (such as the Moody Blues) to hip-hop and drum n’ bass (specifically noting The Matrix and Space Jam soundtracks). Fast-forward to his high school days where much of his time was dedicated to drumming in a metalcore band. This is also when he acquired an interest in the medical field. As high school’s end drew nearer though, the question of what to do for a living loomed overhead.

Upon graduating from high school, James received a laptop as a graduation gift. He began producing out of a desire to have “study content” for his interest in becoming an Audio Engineer. Even though medical school was a potential choice of study, James couldn’t resist the urge to follow his true passion: music. Since his arrival in the music scene, I think it’s fair to say all of his fans are beyond grateful that he opted out of the Dr. Egbert title, but that doesn’t mean he’s not helping people. Aside from providing beautifully melodic and unique music, James always makes it a point to connect with fans and to give back. Whether it be offering help to up and coming producers at Icon Collective or personally interacting with fans via social media, the message he wants to convey most is for listeners and musicians alike to be comfortable enough to be themselves. In a world that promotes buying into fads so heavily he feels it’s vital to be able to stand up for what you believe in regardless of what is currently trending. His sense of self is what has set him apart in the vast community of producers he now finds himself in, and while there are many fish in the sea, there are none quite like James Egbert.

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