Pete Tong is a veteran in the electronic dance music community. When he opens his mouth, like he did with Village Voice, ravers and clubbers alike better pay attention. In a recent interview, Pete commented on the current state of the scene, as well as the future. Currently, the EDM boom has brought a heap of new fans to the table, which allowed for a variety of sounds and experiences to come to fruition.

In more recent times, the move towards “deep house” and other similar styles of music is where the scene is headed. Pete notes the over-saturation of the typical “EDM” sound that has come to bored many listeners. In realizing that many fans come from the mega hype festivals, it’s not a huge surprise that those new listeners would be hounded by the new commercial sound. This new direction for dance music isn’t exclusive to deep house though, because as Pete states, “deep house” can really refer to anything that isn’t your typical EDM, whether it be techno or acid. Catch the full interview through the source below to see what else Pete has to say about our scene.

Source: Village Voice