Welcome to Tech Selections! This feature will be a special, collaborative series from Taleen Bedikian and Andrew Quigley that’s purely dedicated to the underground of EDM. Every other Friday, we will hand pick some of the latest releases from quality labels and relive some of the world’s hottest, underground tunes. Our goal is to share a diverse collection of talents and sounds from the past and the present to discover new and exciting music for you.

For our vinyl lovers, we will also have a feature entitled, “Exclusive Vinyl Cuts”, which will present some of the greatest talents in records today. This in feature selection will be shown at random during the course of the series, so be on the look out for it!



Taleen’s Selections:


1. Matador – “Lamana” (Original Mix) [MINUS] [Off Richie Hawtin Presents New Horizon]

I was instantly hooked to “Lamana” the minute it was released. This track definitely came to mind when I had to pick three tunes to feature in our first ever Tech Selections series. The tune contains thick, minimal vibes filled with chunky beats and wicked rhythms, which sets the overall tone and character of the piece. Throughout the track, you’ll embark on a state of chill within its sharp, fluorescent drumbeat. Grab your copy here: Beatport


2. Marco Bailey & Filterheadz – “Rathouse” (Original Mix) [Intec] [Off Invention EP]

Tech house meets tribal grooves with an organic and dominant  the form of Rathouse. It’s a bit sinister and dark around the edges, but an established, techy aura definitely holds the core of the track. As it progresses, they jab in keen elements of Techno to keep the rhythm flowing. Grab your copy here: Beatport


3. Umberto Pagliaroli – “Parallel” (Original Mix) [Deeperfect Records] [Off Parallel EP]

Parallel”, is another dark and dominant tune by the one and only Umberto Pagliaroli, master of low key, efficient grooves. It’s a prominent bass with a windstorm of synths that sway you towards the demon-like vocals, which unlocks the key to your primal, passionate fantasies. This is seriously a hot track, and the two other tracks off the Parallel EP of “Beat Me” and “Act” are both killer tunes as well. Grab your copy here: Beatport



Andrew’s Selections:

1. Jel Ford – “Backyard” (Original Mix) [Drumcode] [Off Meeting Of Minds EP]

I’ve been fiercely hooked on the icy grooves of Jel Ford ever since he released his belter single of Grand Union. Now, he returns with a smooth, yet edgy Techno smasher that promises to be one of his finest works yet. Backyard is the B-Side to his newest release on Drumcode, and I simply cannot get enough of its chunky, atmospheric vibes. Grab your copy here: Beatport


2. Gary Beck & Mark Broom- “Red” (Original Mix) [BEK Audio] [Off Borders EP]

Both of these titans in techno are a force to be reckoned with on their own, but together, these two are nearly unstoppable. After the huge success of his single, Say What, (with the massive Adam Beyer remix in tow), Gary Beck teams up with Mark Greene to deliver a monster new collaboration entitled Red. This is straight lined, no nonsense Techno, as the barrage of percussive instruments underlie a nasty bassline will have you stomping to its hypnotic, yet decadent grooves. Grab your copy here: Beatport


3. Pedro Delgardo & Lorenzo D’Iianni- “Nails” (Alberto Santana Remix) [Yin Yang Records] [Off Nails EP]

I’ve always been a huge fan of Yin Yang Records, but they have seriously outdone themselves this time with this release. Techno legend Pedro Delgardo teams up with upcoming artist Lorenzo D’Ianni to create the jaw dropping new single, Nails. However, it is the STUNNING rework by Spanish matador Alberto Santana that kicks this track’s potential to a solid 11 with its fierce Techno drive, manic percussive sounds and demonic edge that few in the industry can compete with. Grab your copy here: Beatport

Stay tuned for our next Tech Selections series on Friday – 10/24/14 !