Welcome to the first ever Anthology Series here on Your EDM‘s Sunrise Sessions! While we here at Your EDM strive to present the finest in Progressive, Deep Progressive and Deep House each week, there are just some weeks where the option to choose just one track is too hard of a decision to make. The sheer amount of quality and craftsmanship in today’s scene has been steadily rising since we began this series, and as such, we need to accommodate our articles for these changing times. Therefore, we have decided that on certain weeks where the amount of tracks to choose from is nigh impossible, we will instead compile these tracks underneath one, single article in order to showcase the best that these underground genres have to offer. That isn’t to say we are permanently changing the format for this series; but rather, we will utilize this ‘Anthology Series‘ segment as needed. We still value our rigorous and tested tastes and want to keep choosing one track to be featured as a reward for all the hard work that the artist has accomplished with their project. This is just a little extra bonus that will occur at random for those that want to explore deeper into these subversive genres. As such, we will be featuring 6 different tracks this week both old and new in a variety of styles and colors. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the first volume of our Anthology Series!



Deep House: Jelly For The Babies- Changed (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]

With the gradual takeover of Deep House within the mainstream EDM culture, many new listeners of Deep attribute this style to artists such as Tchami and Oliver Heldens, whose cool mixture of Deep and Garage has reinvented the genre into an edgy, yet decadent style that’s perfect for clubs and lounges. However, when I think of Deep House in its truest form, I look no further than the star studded talents of Jelly For The Babies. This artist has been on fire as of late with luscious singles such as In Front Of Me, Sorry and Tantra, as well as sublime remixes to Gvozdini‘s The Perfect Way For Us and Ben DJ‘s The Look Of Love. While his sound was originally a mixture of Deep House and Deep Progressive, Jelly For The Babies has recently steered his sound towards a more traditional form of Deep House and his newest single of Changed is simply one of the best Deep House tracks of this year. Featured on the quality Balkan Connection label, Changed includes electrifying percussions, elegant synth work and a particularly gorgeous bassline that almost messes with your ears within its panning, evolving sound constructions. For those of you who are really looking for Deep House; look no further than the submerged world of Jelly For The Babies.





Techno: Nature Of Music- Profound Satisfaction (Martin Roth Remix) [Sudbeat]

From Trance legend to underground mastermind, there is no one who has successfully reinvented himself more than the illustrious talents of Martin Roth. As a regular contributor to Above & Beyond‘s Anjunadeep sublabel, Roth has been enjoying his recent success to his stellar double single EP entitled Maya and Mel, which picked up support from industry leaders such as Solarstone, Aaron Camz, Eric Sneo and Stoneface & Terminal. His effortless combination of Deep Progressive and Trance have made his talents stand out within the last couple of years and his years of experience have intensified his fiery, energized productions. After the success of his singles of Suite 909 and Epic Waves earlier this year, he now returns to the mysterious Sudbeat Music label for a left field interpretation to Nature Of Music‘s newest single, Profound Satisfaction. In this interpretation, Roth unleashes a previously unknown Techno side to him as he combines heavy elements of groove, atmosphere and chunkiness throughout the entire track as unusual instrumental choices such as emerging Deep House pads and snappy woodblock add a splash of vibrant color to this otherwise dark and moody track. This is definitely one to pick up for those of you who love mixing styles together.

To be released on October 13th.



Deep Progressive: Subsky- Strawberry Fields (Da Funk’s Double Dragon Dub) [Spring Tube]

As a personal hero of mine, I often look up to the masterful talents of Da Funk, as his omnipotent knowledge of artists, styles and tracks continue to mesmerize me upon each and every single re-listen of his all inclusive sets. He is an artist that personally inspires me to continue my work as a musical curator and his immerse productions are always at the top of the charts in terms of sheer elegance and beauty. He is one of the few remaining artists whose main sonic direction is towards Nu Disco with singles such as Budenzauber, Soul Knights and his newest upcoming single of Mad Satin, but has also been known to innovate in other genres such as Breaks, Deep House and Progressive. He is fascinated with the 80’s era of music and culture and his sets often include many classics and hidden gems that he effortlessly located throughout his long tenure as an artist. However, his newest remix to an old classic has brought out a newer style within him, and we are totally digging its rich and intricate texture structures. To revitalize the all time classic of Strawberry Fields by Subsky, Da Funk has issued a ‘Double Dragon‘ dub mix to mix old and new underneath one, complete track. The mixture of tribal rhythms and deep, yet driving basslines make this the perfect rework to spice up a set or to listen to for those moments of pure, underground bliss.




Breaks: Dan Sieg ft. Illuminator- No Way Back Up (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]

Dan Sieg and I are personal friends online, and when he asked me to review the first single of his upcoming album, I certainly couldn’t refuse. Dan Sieg is known as one half of the now departed Dan & Sam duo and has been known to create stunning Progressive music including Today You, Tomorrow Me and Hello off of Mango‘s Mango Alley label. Recently, he has gone towards the deeper end of Electronic Music with his newest singles of Offharm and The Art, and has been dabbing into genres including Techno, Deep Progressive and more. Knowing the talent that comes from over a decade of creating music, my expectations were set quite high for his new single of No Way Back Up, especially since it was an upcoming album single. However, his previous productions had me anticious to hear what he had cooked up this time, and I was not disappointed. This single delves into the unknown world of Progressive Breaks, which features artists such as Digital Department and Airwave and this is his second time into this genre with the previous being his sneaky bootleg to Above & Beyond‘s Satalite. Full of deep, submersive grooves and hypnotic, enticing vocals, this is definitely a track to grab for those who want something a little different in their libraries.

To be released on October 13th.



Progressive: Silence Groove- Anise (LTN Remix) [Macarize]

LTN has been on fire as of late and has been branded as one of the toughest workhorses in the entire industry with a jaw dropping amount of productions and projects that are created from him each and every month. Regular time listeners of Enhanced Progressive will have enjoyed his new vocal Progressive Trance single of Feeling Like Yeah with Christina Novelli while listeners of Silk and Eliptical Sun Melodies would no doubt have heard his recent remixes to Blood Groove & KikisFalling and Heever’s Emphatic, (respectively). He has also been a regular time feature on Sunrise Sessions, as his beautifully coercive Progressive side has shown us the pinnacle of Prog beauty time and time again. This time, he marks another remix to Macarize with a great sounding rework to Silence Groove‘s newest hit entitled Anise. This track is within the Progressive aspect of his sound, yet is also experimental in its inner design. Featuring instruments such as orchestral string strokes, Electro induced synth quips and unusually crisp vocal sighs, this track has all the markings of a new direction for LTN to explore in his multilayered world of Progressive and is yet another shining example why he is truly one of the finest producers of Prog in the world.




Psy Trance: Zyce- Magic Shrooms (Shake Remix) [TesseracTstudio]

One would not normally think that Psy Trance would be an acceptable candidate for the type of music we cover here on Sunrise Sessions, however; apart from the explosion of Full On producers such as Vertical Mode, Coming Soon, Captain Hook and Major7, there exists another genre that focuses on the deeper aspects of Psy. This genre is called Progressive Trance by the curators of this kind of music, but for clarification purposes, let’s just call it Progressive Psy for now. Artists in this genre include Ritmo, Phaxe, Zentura and Astrix, and this genre utilizes the aspects of cool, confident grooves and decadent sound designs to focus less on the basslines and more on the overarching structure of the piece. For this piece, Zyce brought together decadent sound designs for a trippy, yet Proggy ride throughout the world of Psy. However, it is the masterful talents of relative newcomer Shake that makes this track special enough to be featured on out first ever Anthology series. Shake delivers electrifying basslines and minimalistic sound designs to make for a chill, yet dynamic journey through the senses that drips with quality and edgy timbral placements. Additionally, the cool bassline change from vi to VII to I is pure genius, and really adds depth and character to the entire piece as a whole.




Thank you for joining me on this fantastic ride through genres and styles! The next Anthology series won’t be seen for quite some time, but make sure keep your eyes open, as you might just find this special series popping up again sometime soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to Sunrise Sessions next week and as always, stay Progressive readers!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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